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People in Australia’s Past – Stories & Activities (2nd Ed) Book & CD

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Stories of life at Sydney Cove

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Across Great Divides – true stories of life at Sydney Cove

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‘Across Great Divides: True Stories of Life at Sydney Cove’ is a non-fiction narrative that brings to life the diverse personal experiences of convicts and military men living in Australia’s first colony. The stories also give voice to the dilemmas faced by Aboriginal people who were challenged by the unexpected arrival of a completely alien race of white people to their land, yet interactions were dynamic and varied. The stories are based on the words of those who lived them, being taken from journals, letters and oral histories of the time.

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Genre:   Australian history, non-fiction, narrative

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Readers reviews:

Much enjoyed, and as a boy from Balmain whose playgrounds were so much of the harbour foreshore made for easy realisation. (Amazon, 15th Jan, 2019) 4 Stars.

Very interesting on the first settlements in Australia as my family came on first fleet and went to Hawkesbury district so it was a great read for me. I heard about the book from a interview on the 702 ABC in Sydney.

Anyone interested in Sydney history would enjoy. (Amazon, 10th August, 2015) 4 Stars.

An excellent book. A feeling of being there. Should be required reading in all Australian schools. (Amazon, 16th May, 2015) 5 Stars.

Had the pleasure to meet the author by chance and decided to buy the book after we discussed her research and the ‘voyage’ the book takes you through. Great read and it’s one of my favourite period/travel books. (Amazon, 8th Feb, 2015) 5 Stars.

Great read!!! Thanks Susan!!! (Amazon, 25th May, 2015) 5 Stars.

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