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Understanding English Pronunciation – Audio CD (Set of 3) / MP3

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Phonemic Charts of English Sounds A3 colour laminated set of 2

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Understanding English Pronunciation – Teacher’s Book / PDF

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This teacher’s resource has been designed to be used in conjunction with
UNDERSTANDING English Pronunciation – An integrated practice course

Key Features:
• Each unit contains easy to follow teaching notes, suitable even for beginner teachers.
• The material has been designed for adolescents as well as adult learners,
and is adaptable to a wide range of levels – from pre-intermediate to advanced.
• Many activities raise awareness of the link between spelling and pronunciation.
• The teaching notes and activities have been developed by an experienced English language
teacher to save you hours of preparation time.

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Book ISBN: 9780958539593    PDF ISBN: 9780987303394
Size: A4 & spiral bound

Level:  Intermediate
Age group:  school age students to adult
Other: For teacher or tutor use     Answers:  No
Audio CD/MP3 available:  Yes (as a separate purchase)
Skills practiced:  Spelling, grammar, pronunciation, reading, writing and listening
Other features:  Photocopiable material includes – Interactive crosswords, Cultural awareness,
Discussion topics, Vocabulary revision exercises, Problem solving activities,
Questionaires & Surveys, Assessment tasks, Information gap activities.

Table of Contents      Understanding English Pronunciation – Teacher’s Book

 1     Unit 1   Introduction to English Pronunciation
Dictionary practice,
Listening Test

5     Unit 2   Language Study
Language Study Survey                       Sounds /æ/ and /∧/
Language Learning Strategies           Topic extension
Sound Cards Sounds                            /æ/ and /∧/
Crossword  /æ/ and /∧/                     Vocabulary revision

18    Unit 3   Other Cultures
Word stress cards                                Practice – word stress
Sound cards                                           Sounds /θ /, /s/ and /t/
Organising a Multicultural Day        Practice – sentence stress
Comparing Cultural Practices           Practice – sentence stress

29    Unit 4   City Living
Sound cards                                           Sounds /I/ and /i:/
Crossword – /I/ and /i:/                      Vocabulary revision
City Living/Country Living                Sounds /I/ and /i:/
Places to visit/things to see                Sounds /I/ and /i:/
City Trip itinerary                                 Sounds /I/ and /i:/

39    Unit 5   National Parks
Pam and Bart’s Camping Holiday     Practice ‘ed’ endings
Sound Cards                                          Sounds /æ/ and /α:/
Crossword – /æ/ and /α:/                   Vocabulary revision
Camping in a National Park               Practice/b/ and /p/ and Fluency Practice

50    Unit 6   Books and Computers
Computer use survey                           Connected speech, Linking, contractions
Sound Cards                                          Sounds /Ʊ/ and /u:/
Crossword  – /Ʊ/ and /u:/                  Vocabulary revision

59    Unit 7  Health and Happiness
Sound Cards                                           Sounds /e/ and /æ/
Crossword – /e/ and /æ/                     Vocabulary revision
Design a Poster                                     Sounds /e/ and /æ/
Stress Test                                              Linking & /e/ and /æ/

69    Unit 8  Medical Miracles
Directions                                              Sounds /r/ and /I/
Sound Cards                                          Sounds /e/ and /I/
Crossword – /e/ and /I/                      Vocabulary revision

79       Unit 9 Festivals & Celebrations
Celebration Customs                           Vocabulary revision
Places and Celebrations                      Fluency, /e/ and /eι/
Festivals & Celebrations Survey        Sentence stress
Sound Cards                                          Sounds /e/ and /eι/
Crossword – /e/ and /eι/                    Vocabulary revision

91    Unit 10    Time and Change
Life Style Changes,  Sounds               /aι/ and /eι/
Frightening Situations                        Sounds /aι/ and /eι/
Sound Cards                                          Sounds /aι/ and /eι/
Crossword – /aι/ and /eι/                   Vocabulary revision

100   Unit 11   World of Sport
Sound Cards                                            Sounds /ɜ:/ and /ɔ:/
Crossword – /ɜ:/ and /ɔ:/                     Vocabulary revision
What’s the Sport Called?                      Intonation – questions
Dawn’s World Journey                          Sounds  /ɜ:/ and /ɔ:/
Choosing a class activity relating to sport – Intonation – questions

114   Unit 12   Options and Goals
Holiday in Poland in November          Pausing /punctuation
Sound Cards                                            Sounds in cot & coat
Crossword                                                Vocabulary revision
Thinking about goals                            Topic extension
Goals Survey                                           Sentence stress

125 Focus on Fluency                     Topic Cards                    Fluency practice
129 Diagram of the Speech Organs
130 Phonemic Chart of English Sounds
131 Bibliography of Recommended Reading

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