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English Vowel Sound Spelling Charts – 20 x A4 laminated charts / PDF

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Understanding English Pronunciation – Audio CD (Set of 3) / MP3

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Understanding English Pronunciation – Student Book / PDF

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Understanding English Pronunciation uses an easy-to-follow format to introduce and practise the features of pronunciation that are important for intelligible communication in English.

The material is suitable for adolescent and adult learners of English as it presents learning activities and exercises through a variety of interesting topics. Each unit examines and provides practice with a particular feature of English pronunciation,such as word stress, stress within sentences, pausing, linking and intonation.

It is recommended for private study (as the answers to all exercises are included) or as a class course book for pronunciation analysis and practice.

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Book ISBN: 9780958539579   PDF ISBN: 9780987303356
Size: A4 paperback

Level:   Intermediate     Age group:  school age students to adult
Other:   Self study: Yes      Answers: Yes
Audio CD/MP3 available: Yes (Set of 3 CDs as a separate purchase)
Teacher’s book available: Yes
Skills practised:   Spelling, grammar, pronunciation, reading, writing and listening
Other features:   Using book & CD you will:
Learn ways to overcome listening & pronunciation problems.
Hear & practise the pronunciation of new words.
Learn to hear the difference between the individual sounds of English in context.
Hear extended stretches of speech which demonstrate features of spoken language.
Examine the link between English spelling & pronunciation
Learn to use your dictionary for independent study.
Feel increasing confidence as your listening & speaking skills improve.
Other – Phonemic Chart of English Sounds and Glossary of Pronunciation Terms

Table of Contents    Understanding English Pronunciation – Student Book
6      Unit 1  Introduction to English Pronunciation
Sounds and Symbols
Using a Dictionary
Listening Test
12     Unit 2  Language Study
/æ/ and /ʌ/ Distinguishing syllables

22     Unit 3  Other Cultures
/ǝ/ Word stress
/θ/ and /ð/ Stress within utterances

35     Unit 4  City Living
I/ and /i:/ Intonation as feedback
Prominent words

47     Unit 5  National Parks
/æ/ and /α:/ Pronunciation of ‘ed’ endings
/b/ and /p/ Intonation for ‘checking’ & ‘telling’

58          Progress Check One

59       Unit 6 Books and Computers
/Ʊ/, /u:/, /ju:/ Connected speech, word linking

67     Unit 7  Health and Happiness
/e/ and /æ/ Pronouncing ‘c’ as /s/ or /k/
/h/, /k/ Connected speech, sound deletion

77     Unit 8  Medical Miracles
/e/ and /eι/ Consonant clusters, silent letters /r/ and /l/

86            Progress Check Two

87     Unit 9  Festivals & Celebrations
/e/ and /eι/ Word stress – revision
/f/ and /v/         Moving word stress

96     Unit 10            Time and Change
/aι/ and /eι/        Connected speech – revision

106   Unit 11            World of Sport
/ɜ:/ and /ɔ:/       Pronouncing ‘s’ endings
Intonation and pausing
Review of /ɜ:/, /ɔ:/ and /α:/

116   Unit 12            Options and Goals
/à/ and /W/        Pausing and ‘thought groups’

126               Concluding Progress Check

128               Answers to Exercises

154               Phonemic Chart of English Sounds

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