Image of Phonemic Charts of English Sounds - A3 colour (set of 2)

Phonemic Charts of English Sounds A3 colour laminated set of 2

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Spelling and Pronunciation for English Language Learners / PDF

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Rhyming Stories Reader (A5) / PDF

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$9.95$19.95 inc. GST.

The spelling and pronunciation of English words can be confusing. However, understanding the patterns of English can greatly assist in remembering correct spelling and pronunciation. This book provides a fun and effective way to make connections between the sounds and spelling of English.

‘Rhyming Stories’ contains short engaging, narratives with imaginative, colourful illustrations which demonstrate the patterns of English spelling. The topic of each story and the accompanying visual cues make this book suitable for all ages (school age to adult) and for a wide range of learning levels.

Highlights the sounds and spelling of English using a ‘multi-sensory’ approach including visual, auditory, physical (writing) and logical (understanding the limited spelling patterns of English).
This book contains spelling reference list pertaining to the vowel sounds.

Contains short, engaging stories with colourful illustrations, demonstrating the patterns of English spelling.

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Book ISBN: 9781877074066     PDF ISBN: 9780987303417
Size: A5 paperback

Level:   Pre-intermediate learners (with teacher’s assistance) to advanced learners    Age group:  school age students to adult
Self study: Yes     Audio CD/MP3 available: Yes (as separate purchase)
Skills practised:   Reading, writing, listening, spelling and pronunciation.

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