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English Language Skills – Level 1 Student’s Workbook / PDF

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English Language Skills – Level 1 Audio CD / MP3

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Word Building Activities for Beginners of English – Book / PDF

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The ‘Word Building Activities for Beginners of English’ resource provides foundation material to establish a repertoire of words and simple sentences from which beginner students can build and extend their vocabulary. In addition, the aim of the activities is to develop writing and spelling skills and raise beginner students’ confidence as their stock of words and phrases increase.

This book also provides complementary material for the student workbook ‘English Language Skills Level One Student Workbook’. For example, where low level classes have students with varying abilities, the activities in this book can be used with students who need additional and simpler language building practice.

This resource covers topic areas such as:

  • Personal details – completing a simple form
  • Family and friends
  • Everyday activities
  • Sport and hobbies
  • Jobs
  • Time, days months and seasons
  • Clothes, shoes and accessories
  • Shopping, food and containers
  • Health – symptoms, staying healthy
  • Transport and travel

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Book ISBN: 9781877074288     PDF ISBN: 9780987303288
Size: A4 paperback

Level:  Beginner
Age group:  young adult to adult
Other:  Self-study: Yes     Answers:  Yes
Audio CD/MP3 available:  No
Teacher’s book: No
Skills practiced:  Reading, writing and spelling
Other features:  Topic areas – Personal details Family & friends Everyday activities Sport & hobbies People & jobs Times, days, months & seasons Clothes Shopping & food Travel & transport
‘Word Building Activities for Beginners of English’ also provides complementary material for student workbook ‘English Language Skills – Level One Student’s Workbook’

Table of Contents     Word Building Activities for Beginners of English

English numbers and ordinal numbers 2-3
English letters and English letters and words 4-5
English Class – Saying Hello 6
Name and Address 7
Name and Personal details 8-9
What is the street address? 10
Name and address on an envelope 11
Name and address on an envelope – practise 12
Name and address on a Form – 1, 13
Titles 14
Name and address on a Form – 2, 15
Things in the classroom 16-17
Days of the week 18-19
What is the time? 20-21
Counting things 22-23
Signs 24-26
Directions 27
People 28-29
Family words 30
People, places, things 31
Talking about me and other people 32
Face 33
Describing people 1 34
Clothes 35
Shoes and accessories 36
Clothes and shoes – crossword 37
Describing people 2 and Describing people 3 38-39
Everyday activities 40
What can you do? 41
Everyday activities – crossword 42
What do you like doing? 43
Sport 44-45
Jobs 46-47
Months 48
Calendar – seasons of the year 49
Jack’s daily routine and Daily routine crossword 50-51
Special days and cards for special days 52-53
Past, present and future time 54
Past time 55
More past tense verbs 56
Past and future 57
Health – parts of the body 58-59
Symptoms – What is the matter? 60-61
Medical check-up 62
Treatments 63-65
Symptoms and treatments 66-67
Food – fruit – vegetables 68-75
Staying healthy – exercise 76-77
Emergency services 78-79
Shops – Where can we buy things? 80-81
Supermarket words 82-83
Containers 84 – 86
Where is it? 87
Buying lunch 88-89
At the pharmacy 90-91
Things in the kitchen 92-93
At the electrical store 94-95
At the hardware store 96-97
At the furniture store 98-99
Where can we buy things? 100
Where can we find things at home? 101
Transport – crossword 102-103
Places 104-105
Train travel 106
Word lists 107
Answers 108-122

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