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English Language Skills – Level 1 Teacher’s Book & Audio CD

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Word Building Activities for Beginners of English – Book / PDF

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English Language Skills – Level 1 Student’s Workbook / PDF

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The ‘English Language Skills – Level 1 – Student’s Workbook’ provides reading, writing, listening, speaking and pronunciation activities for beginner English learners.

The layout encourages students to become more independent as they progress through the units. Note that answers to all activities are included in this book.

It covers relevant topics and language skills such as:
Writing personal details on a simple form.
Buying something at a shop.
Explaining symptoms to the doctor.
Talking about likes and dislikes.
Understanding simple directions.
Reading a story and writing short answers.

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To see detailed information:
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Book ISBN: 9781877074295       PDF ISBN: 9780987303295
Size: A4 paperback

Level:  Beginner
Age group:  young adult to adult
Other:  Self-study: Yes     Answers:  Yes
Audio CD/MP3 available:  Yes (as separate purchase)
Teacher’s book available: Yes
Skills practiced:  Writing details on a form, Buying something at a shop, Explaining symptoms to a doctor,  Talking about likes & dislikes, Understanding simple directions, Reading & writing a simple story, plus more
Other features:  Topic areas – English Class Talking about people, Everyday activities, Talking about time and events, Health and safety, Shopping and services, Going places

Table of Contents      English Language Skills – Level 1 Student’s Workbook

Unit 1 – English Class 4
Listening for information
Ken’s English class – Capital letters
Writing information on a form
Things in the classroom
My English class
Saying English words – syllables
Counting things
Greeting and saying goodbye
Asking for directions

Unit 2 – Talking about People 18
Family words
Giving information about me
Rona Green – A form – Name and address
Giving information about other people
Describing people – clothes
Talking about other people – photographs
Asking questions
Using pronouns
Saying English words – syllables
Giving information – using verbs

Unit 3 – Everyday Activities 34
Can you swim?
What can John and Kate do?
Talking about activities we like doing
What do you like doing?
Jobs – What do people do in their jobs?
Stories about other people
Writing about other people

Unit 4 – Talking about Time and Events 44
Months of the year
What is the date? What is the time?
Talking about routine – Boris and Natasha’s routine
How often?
Past, present and future time
Asking questions about the past
Giving information about the past
Mai’s weekend
Jo’s story
Past tense verbs
Special days
Bob’s story – Bella’s story – Our holiday

Unit 5 – Health and Safety Page 60
Parts of the body
Medical checkups
Saying you don’t understand
Reading medicine labels
At the pharmacy or chemist
Staying healthy
Emergency service – Emergency calls

Unit 6 – Shopping and Services 70
How many?
Asking for things
Offering food and drinks
Shopping in the supermarket
Asking where
Groceries – How many? A shopping list
What is in the fridge?
Garage sale; How much?
Buying lunch
Matilda’s story

Unit 7 – Going Places 80
Places in the town and city
Adam’s story
Buying a train ticket – Read the train timetable
Adam’s suburb – Reading a map
This year
Next year
Answers 88 – 100

Teacher’s Note: For a more detailed overview of the unit contents of this book,
see English Language Skills – Level 1 Teacher’s Book.


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