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English Language Skills – Level 1 Audio CD / MP3

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English Language Skills – Level 1 Teacher’s Book & Audio CD

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English Language Skills – Level 1 Teacher’s Book / PDF

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This Teacher’s resource has been designed to be used in conjunction with
English Language Skills – Level 1 Student’s Workbook.

It contains comprehensive teaching notes, as well as photocopiable worksheets and activities to enliven language classes, enhance learning and provide user-friendly, ready to use material for busy teachers.

Activities can be used or adapted for higher or lower levels.
Where ever possible, the target language and grammatical items are presented in context within a communicative framework.
Activities provide a balance between individual, pair work and group work as students aim to develop confidence and learner autonomy.
The teaching notes are presented in a step by step format to produce optimal results in classroom situations.

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Book ISBN: 9781877074325     PDF ISBN: 9780987303318
Size: A4 & spiral bound

Level:  Beginner
Age group:  young adult to adult
Other: For teacher or tutor use     Answers:  No
Audio CD/MP3 available:  Yes (as separate purchase)
Skills practiced:  Writing details on a form, buying something at a shop, explaining symptoms to a doctor, talking about likes & dislikes, understanding simple directions, reading & writing a simple story plus much more.

Table of Contents    English Language Skills – Level 1 Teacher’s Book

Unit Title and Activities                                Students will:                                                 Page
Numbers activities                                                  listen, write, match numbers & words               2–11
Letters activities                                                      listen, match capital & lower case letters         12–23
Spelling aloud – English letters and words        match letters, words & pictures                        24–25

Unit 1 – English Class
Teacher’s Notes on Student’s Book                                                                                                  from 26
My class                                                                         write names and countries                           28-29
Name and address                                                       match words and pictures                                    31
Ken’s English Class – questions                               write answers to questions                            32-33
Showing information on a graph – Ken’s class     show information on a graph                              34
Showing information on a graph – my class          show information on a graph                             35
Write a short story about you and your class        write from a model                                          36-37
Writing information on a Form                               write information                                            38-39
Listen for information/give information               role play                                                            40-44
Things in the classroom                                            match words and pictures/things                48-53
Greeting and saying goodbye                                   label pictures                                                    54-55
Write the directions                                                   practice giving directions                                     56
Words and Sounds                                                     recognize same & different sounds                    57

Unit 2 – Talking about people
Teacher’s Notes on Student’s Book                                                                                                  from 58
People words                                                             match words and pictures                                      59
Rona Green                                                                find and write answers to questions                    61
Writing an address on an envelope                      address an envelope                                          62-64
Describing people                                                     match descriptions and pictures                    65-72
Clothes                                                                        match words and pictures                                73-74
Words and Sounds                                                   recognize same & different sounds                      75
Talking about photographs                                    talk about pictures                                             76-77

Unit 3 – Everyday activities
Teacher’s Notes on Student’s Book                                                                                                from 78
+Activities – verbs                                                    match words and pictures                             80-81
Jobs                                                                              match words and pictures                             82-84
What can you do?                                                     survey other students                                  85 & 86
What do you like doing                                            survey other students                                           87
Writing about other people                                     write from a model                                        88-89

Unit 4 – Time and events
Teacher’s Notes on Student’s Book                                                                                                from 90
Time words                                                                 match words and meaning                                  91
When is your birthday?                                            show information on a graph                             93
Words and Sounds                                                    recognize same & different sounds           97-100
Make a calendar                                                        write and read dates                                    100-101
Survey: Favourite month, season, day                  survey other students                                 102-103
Survey: your daily routine                                       survey other students                              102 & 104
Survey: How often?                                                   survey other students                             102 & 105
Survey: School days                                                  survey other students                               106 – 107
Survey: Questions about the past                          survey other students                             106 & 108

Unit 5 – Health and safety
Teacher’s Notes on Student’s Book                                                                                             from 110
Words and Sounds                                                         recognize same & different sounds     112-113
Symptoms                                                                        match words and pictures                            114
Medical checkups                                                           match words and pictures                            115
Reconstructing a dialogue – A visit to the doctor    sequence a dialogue                                116-117
A visit to the doctor – role play                                   role play                                                           118
Assessment task – A visit to the doctor                 do a role play assessment                            119
Medicine labels                                                               read medicine labels                                     120
Reconstructing a conversation – At the pharmacy   sequence a dialogue                               121-122
Assessment task – At the pharmacy                       do a role play assessment                            124
Making emergency calls                                                practice emergency calls                      125-128
Health Survey                                                                                                                                  125 & 129

Unit 6 – Shopping and services
Teacher’s Notes on Student’s Book                                                                                             from 130
Words and Sounds                                                       recognize same & different sounds              133
Shopping items                                                             match words and pictures                             134
Bakery items                                                                  match words and pictures                    135 -136
Supermarket words                                                     match words and pictures                              137
Containers                                                                     match words and pictures                             138
What’s in the fridge?                                                   say where things are in a fridge           139 – 141
Buying Lunch                                                            role play buying lunch       132 – 133 & 142-145
Garage Sale                                                                   role play buying and selling         132 & 146-147

Unit 7 – Going places
Teacher’s Notes on Student’s Book                                                                                            from 148
Transport words                                                          match words and pictures                      151-152
Survey – Ways of Travel                                             survey other students                              153-154
Ways of travel – Graph                                              show information on a graph             153 & 155
Train travel                                                                  match words and pictures                              156
Read the train timetable                                           read a timetable                                                157
Sequencing a process – Buying a ticket                  sequence a process                                  158-159
Reading a grid map                                                    read a map                                            158 & 160
At the railway station – Role Play                           role play buying a train ticket               161-162
Assessment Task  – Buying a train ticket                                                                                           163


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